If Ke$ha writes or does a song called "Pretty Lady," you know there's got to be a catch. It can't just be about a pretty lady, one of those face-composite perfect attractive people. It's got to be about something like a pretty lady mussed up, whiskeyed up and dirtied with glitter. Or, in this case, it's about a man. A stacked man, but a man regardless. As you speak, people are figuring out whether to compare it to Nicki Minaj's "dick in your face..." break from Roman Reloaded or to Rihanna or Jessie J or something. We just find it interesting.

Oh, and the details: it may or may not be one of those songs that's part of her descent into RAWKNESS. As with every Ke$ha leak, there's absolutely no context, meaning it could be from Animal's sessions or Cannibal's sessions or Ke$ha And The ROCK MOVE (not an actual album title)'s sessions. (It's probably not from her pre-partying days.) And as with most Ke$ha leaks, it's a rough demo; some of these parts are going to get boosted and gussied up and polished. We just hope that rock growl doesn't get polished away. It's a good sound for her voice.