Here are your Cliffs Notes on Ke$ha's "Sleazy 2.0"/"Get Sleazier" remix to the already-extant Sleazy Remix:

- If Ke$ha's Bob Dylan cover was the exact opposite of what you'd expect from her, this remix is (unsurprisingly) the exact opposite of that. This is probably false, but we're going to assume Ke$ha dropped the track today to troll all those newfound fans, because that's hilarious.

- The remix, as you know, has Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, T.I. and Wiz Khalifa are four of Ke$ha's favorite rappers. Makes sense.

- It's got some sort of tweet-for-a-verse campaign going, which we didn't try but really hope it's something more than what we've heard, considering that...

- The original track, and Andre's verse, is essentially unchanged from remix 1.0, minus the immensity of the fuck whose verse doesn't appear on this because of time allotment. (Ke$ha's chorus, then the bridge, glues together the various verses.

- Wiz Khalifa, who unsurprisingly mentions marijuana, plays it straight; T.I. gets an instrumental change-up for his verse, in which he recruits for a royal job that we assume the royal family doesn't have in their budget; Lil Wayne mentions Kings of Leon, Napoleon Dynamite and Cleopatra; only one of these becomes a double entendre.

- We really liked it on its first go-round, and (inside info alert) it may well make a few surprise appearances on some critics' best-songs-of-2011 lists. So why not take a listen?