Kevin Hart Wants a Three-Way with Kanye and Kim, Will Settle for Hosting the VMAs

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We're about four weeks out from the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, and lucky for us, the network has finally decided to forgo the previous ineffective "no host" method by announcing Kevin Hart will serve as MC at this year's show. The red black carpet will still be there for you to walk across and flirt with your boyfriend on, Selena Gomez!

While his sense of humor can be an acquired taste, there's no question Hart has already had a solid 2012. He co-starred in the ensemble comedy Think Like a Man as well as Jason Segel-Emily Blunt romantic comedy The Five Year Engagement (range!), and has signed on to the inevitable train wreck of Scary Movie 5, potentially alongside Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Yet another story to tell the kids! After the year with no host, rather than announce their most recent hire with your typical press release or "Psst! Pass it on" verbal announcement, MTV has placed Hart in a new promo for the September 6 spectacle with today's It Couple: Kimye.

Close in on Hart getting ready in the hotel bathroom mirror, frantically asking an unseen Kim and Kanye what they're planning on wearing to the party. This year's BET Awards proved to be a double date for Kimye and the Carters, so Hart has every right to be extra nervous about how his suit will look under the lights of the stage, as well as how he'll come off as the third wheel. But Kanye and Kim can't be bothered to worry about an outsider's wardrobe; they only have eyes for each other's clothes.

Alas, despite his many feeble attempts to attract the paparazzi to Hollywood's newest three-way (KimYeKev?) Hart ends up flying solo. Silly Kevin. By now you must know Yeezy will only agree to a co-headlining something if his syllable gets to go first—unless said co-star is Jay-Z. Figure this out amongst yourselves, folks. Just don't go calling your new union "KKK." Watch below.

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