We've kept a close watch on the Jonas Brothers' attempts to return the family name to its great, Disney-fied heights of 2010 through their live performances amid angry Brooklyn hipstersBroadway dance routines and various television judging rumors. While the latter remains up in the air, the brothers' latest verified venture does seek to reacquaint TV viewers with the family name, via the lens of a new reality showMarried to Jonas, premiering August 19 on E!

Rather than examine how a once-popular boy group puts their solo projects on hold in order to work towards evolving into an even more popular man trio, the network hopes to rope in viewers through a zany look at eldest brother Kevin's life as a young newlywed. The first official preview promises lots of Kev's mysterious hairline, along with how he and his wife Danielle, who married in 2009 and currently reside in New Jersey, deal with their overly involved extended family. For example: Danielle's father and Kevin engage in a pissing contest over how to style the couple's patio and front lawn, while brothers Nick and Joe can't stop laughing about how they're going to prank their new sister-in-law on her birthday. If you're itching to roll your eyes about the mundane realness of it all, remember that The Kardashian family made an empire from less of a concept. Plus, every episode that airs means gives the possibility of more shots like this. Watch below.