Kevin Jonas, 26, and wife Danielle are expecting their first child together any day now, having announced the pregnancy in July of last year.

The Jonas Brother admits to ABC News that "Jonas is a weird last name, not that many things go with it," adding that his baby girl's name  "just kind of came to us" and it "rolls off the tongue."

And that's all the singer will reveal about the name...for now.

"We are trying to keep that a secret because everyone knows we are having a girl, but right when she's born, we are going to tell everyone," Danielle adds, noting that the name has particular significance to her. "It's different enough, but not too crazy."

Meanwhile, the flourishing Jonas family are hard at work perfecting the nursery for their impending bundle of joy. "I am building us a house and we are about two and half weeks away from moving in," Kevin explains. "The nursery will be here at the end of next week. The walls are painted. The floors will be stained this weekend, you could move furniture and you could live there, it's fine."

Of course, with a child, there will come some rough-n-tumble times as parents. Kevin says, "There are going to be times where that baby is not going to stop crying and I'm not going to know what to do, and nothing we are going to do is going to work. But we are going to get through it and it's going to be great. We are not even going to remember it the minutes she starts to smile."

Kevin and his brothers Joe and Nick might be on the outs as far as making music, but we wouldn't quite expect Kevin to "definitely want a larger family." He also confesses that "I actually wanted girls," after growing up with his siblings.

"I said four, but maybe after this one, three," Danielle quips. "It's tough."

Last summer, the couple announced the gender: