Don't believe what they tell you in school—chicks dig the backup point guards. Just ask R&B star Monica, who wed Los Angeles Lakers high-flyer Shannon Brown late last year, or former 2006 Miss Universe winner Zuleyka Rivera, who recently confirmed her relationship with Dallas Mavericks high-energy little man J.J. Barea. Now we can add singer/songwriter Keyeshia Cole to the list, as Cole recently tied the knot with Cleveland Cavaliers back-up point Daniel "Boobie" Gibson somewhere in Las Vegas over the weekend. The two had gotten engaged last January, and Cole had given birth to their first son about two months later.

Both Cole and Gibson have seen better days in their respective careers, with Cole's latest album Calling All Hearts failing to generate a hit single, and Gibson's Cavaliers team taking a nosedive after that LeBron James guy left for a better team in Miami. Still, as Cole recently told MTV, she's a star who has her priorities straight, thanks to the birth of her son. "It made everything make sense in perspective," said Cole.  "Love and making sure I know my focus in life, which is my child and my fiancée and my music and definitely putting God first, foremost before anything."

Plus, as Boobie pointed out on Twitter, the apocalypse didn't happen over the weekend. So there's that.

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