The second season of The X Factor premiered last week, proving Britney Spears can feel again, and that Simon Cowell will consistently comment about Demi Lovato about flirting with young male contestants. Currently airing its pre-taped audition episodes, the show will soon go live, requiring a warm body to welcome viewers back from commercial breaks and cue up emotional backstories. According to a report from Perez Hilton, Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez are the newest additions, expanding the show to a two-host format. We're still awaiting confirmation from FOX, but Hilton claims the two are "locked in" to the prime-time series.

The second installment of the Cowell's American iteration has been looking for a new talking head ever since it axed misunderstood Welshie Steve Jones after the new year. While filling said position hasn't garnered as much attention as the search for new judges, Cowell has spoken about the qualities he wants in a host for Season Two. Similarly to the newbies he's chosen for the panel, he's in favor of seeing what can happen when he sacrifices an inexperienced personality to the television gods. A veteran of E! and the Ryan Seacrest machine, Khloe has slowly been separating herself from her klan over the years—thanks in part to her husband's fluctuating NBA status—but she has very little experience on television shows that don't revolve around her own life. Still, she's funny and frank, and could be the right fit for an increasingly tired genre—specifically, a program in need of something to help it stand out against its many competitors. Somewhere poor Jonesie is crying.

Mario Lopez has been hosting since inside the womb, creating a very healthy post-Saved By the Bell career for himself with gigs on Extra and America's Best Dance Crew. He can also sing and dance—well enough to land a part on Broadway—should the "talent" at hand fail to impress, leaving FOX with the need for filler material. In fact, the whole Zack Attack gang is probably available?

While Jones weathered hosting duties all by his lonesome last season, a two-host format calls to mind American Idol's Brian Dunkleman days—and we all remember how those went (well, except maybe Brian Dunkleman).