Newly minted X Factor host Khloe Kardashian made her prime-time debut alongside Mario Lopez during the show's live episode on Wednesday night. Since this would be her first time starring in a reality show that wasn't all about her or her kooky krazy klan, how'd she do? Well, first please direct your attention to what she wore:

Yes, that purple blouse sure is pretty, but who does she think she is, Rihanna?

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Kardashian's sheer top and visible "full areola" drew attention to the FOX series for reasons entirely separate from the conflicting opinions about girl group 1432. While conservative programmers will shake their fists at whomever let such a pointy visible oversight happen, Kardashian would prefer you understood the trying circumstances she and her team of handlers were under. "I thought it looked really good!" she told Zap2It following the show, acknowledging a bit of the backlash the outfit created. "With the hurricane, all the stuff I wanted to wear was stuck on the east coast. We did not have time to do a full dress rehearsal in our clothes." Fair enough, but when you're famous don't minions with nipple tape follow you around wherever you go? Why celebrities insist to forego basic undergarments is beyond me.

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