Perhaps to keep us all on our toes, Kid Cudi followed up his 2 Be Continuum debut single "Perfect Is The New Word," with a new video off last year's Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. (Remember that?) "Marijuana" is basically a video diary of a trip to Amsterdam, directed by pal, Shia LaBeouf. (Who knew!) While we're jealous of the mariachi band that apparently plays Cudi's backstage parties, the grainy video is fairly formulaic, following Cudder through the streets as he makes requisite stops at coffee shops and strip clubs in the Red Light District. (Because as everyone learned in college, a trip to Amsterdam wouldn't be complete without them.) Look closely for LaBeouf's cameo at 3:17, revealing this stroke of cinematic genius was probably done on a Flipcam. The Transformers star, who previously directed Cage's "I Never Knew You" in 2009, seems to be looking to elevate his street/douche cred—moving away from disorderly conduct in a Walgreens and smoking in public charges—by hanging out with Cudder and his kush-loving cronies. Well done, Louis Stevens. A cameo on How To Make It In America is the next logical step, right? Or should we think outside the box—buddy cop comedy?