When was the last time you heard Kid Cudi on the radio? Probably been a while. He only ever had one really big radio hit—"Day 'n' Nite," about four years ago now—and otherwise, if you've listened to Cudi much since, it's probably been on your own volition. (He hasn't even been invited to perform on most of the big G.O.O.D. Music tracks, though he did a guest credit on "All of the Lights" and he was allowed to dance in the background like a crazy person in the "Mercy" video.

Anyway, it seems like Scott Mescudi has had enough of everyone having a radio party without inviting him. He went on a virulent Twitter rant last night where he put the blame squarely on his label for not getting his jams any playtime:

Well, to be fair, Scott...those songs you're talking about aren't super-good, and in general, songs called "King Wizard" aren't gonna be played on the radio a ton by rule. Not that Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything" is "Niggas in Paris" either, but whatever, the dude is having his moment, and momentum carries in hip-hop. You've got some loyal fans that watch your videos on YouTube a bunch, and that's cool, but the days of there being casual Kid Cudi fans are probably over. Blaming the label for that isn't gonna be super-productive.