Kids, Justin Bieber & The New York Knicks: Sports Journalism At Its Finest

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By this point, New York Knicks fans are probably all too familiar with Ryan and Jaylah, the tyke reporters apparently given the lucrative Knick beat by their second-grade journalism teacher. Recently, they hit up the 'Bockers for the scoop on spelling Supercalifragalisticexpialadocious (admitting, with all journalistic integrity, that they could not do so themselves), then tried to get the first-ever captured footage of the team singing along to Justin Bieber. They caught Mike Bibby, Landry Fields and Tyson Chandler in various stages of Bieber jamming, but the biggest Gotcha! was reserved for backup forward Jared Jefferies, who belted out unprompted the "I thought you'd always be miii-iiiine!" part of the "Baby" chorus. ("I got a three-year-old!" he exclaimed in explanation. Sure you do, Jared.)

Next up: Ryan and Jaylah try to teach the team how to do the LMFAO shuffle.


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