Kim Kardashian 'In Tears' Over Jessica Simpson Weight Loss—HAHA! AS IF!!!

Like a peeling onion, Kim Kardashian reveals yet another layer.

The narcissistic egomaniac, who never misses an opportunity to showcase her nearly nude bod on the Internet, is actually, deep down, quite insecure.. and even more interesting (or should we say unbelievable) is the claim that she's apparently "obsessed" with someone other than herself.

(HAHA! AS IF!!!)

Jessica Simpson’s amazing Weight Watchers slim down has thrown the reality TV star into a jealous fit of epic proportions, or at least that's what some would have us all believe.

RadarOnline is reporting that the multimillionaire/new mother/newlywed/reality star/business mogul has nothing better to do than sit around and obsess over Jessica Simpson's thighs for hours on end—and it's a mutual obsession apparently—as in fact, Radar claims, the two are currently engaged in a full blown "body war."

“Kim has been watching Jessica’s phenomenal body transformation very carefully,” an 'insider' told Radar. “Jessica’s latest triumphant pictures show that she’s achieved a streamlined shape that has Kim in tears of envy.”

First off—wow, that insider has a real way with words... so eloquent!

Secondly—tears of envy?!!!!

But...wait... it gets even BETTER!

“Jessica’s managed to get that lean look Kim’s always dreamed of and Kim is convinced she’s doing more than just Weight Watchers,” the source says, adding that the new bride has been “trying to recruit members of Jessica’s team to find out exactly what she’s doing."

A conspiracy that runs so deep, even the Pope may be involved (Popdust's "source" dishes).

Now, it may seem to us ignorant, unknowing members of the general public that the two have no issues with each other AT ALL—but, the insider shares that actually, despite playing at being nice, behind closed doors there’s a growing animosity.

In 2009, Kardashian admonished Fox News for mocking Simpson’s weight and raved about Jess having “such an amazing body.”

Then, last year, Simpson returned the favor when she said she “felt for Kim” after the media attacked her over her pregnancy weight gain.

“I knew exactly what she was going through — I know she’ll come back with a bang,” Jess said.

However, it's all just one big FARCE!!

As, the "insider" dishes that in reality, their feelings are far more catty than their public remarks would suggest—and, get this.... Jessica and sister Ashlee talk about how they can grab the spotlight from the Kardashians... ALL THE TIME!

“Despite Jessica defending Kim’s size during her pregnancy, Jessica has always wanted to oust the Kardashian sisters out of the spotlight," the "insider" says.

“In fact, it’s something she and her sister Ashlee talk about all the time.”

HAHAHA!!!! Don't know about you but I'm laughing my fucking ass off...

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