Kim Kardashian Is Now a Video Game

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Kim Kardashian is already a porn star, reality TV star, small business owner, perfumer, author, stylist, fashion designer, singer, actress, and fitness instructor, so the next logical step in her multifaceted career should be pretty obvious: video games.

Soon you'll be able to play with Kim K through her new mobile gaming app, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, which is "coming soon" to iOS and Android. Judging by an official trailer for the game, the sole objective is to make your character beautiful and famous like Kim, which is a wonderful message to send out to the youth of today.

Hey kids, being famous is all that matters in life! Screw education and all that crap!

No, but seriously, I'm downloading this game as soon as it comes out. Sorry, but the trailer really does make it look fun in a stupid narcissistic contributing-to-the-decline-of-civilisation kind of way.

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