Credit Kim Kardashian with contributing to our sleepless night when she directed our attention towards a curious trending topic late Thursday. Proving that celebrities, too, are susceptible to believing anything they read, Kardashian desperately begged The Internet to share its wisdom and knowledge with her surprisingly unconnected mind regarding a rumor that Cher had passed away. Rather than consult someone in the industry, Kardashian immediately tweeted about the erroneous reports of the singer's death Friday morning to her 12 million followers. Cue the genuine emotion:



The unfounded reports have since been proven false (hi, Cher!) and Kim was quick to clear things up, lest those who loyally go to her for all their breaking news update their blogs too soon. Might we introduced you to Google, Kim? Other reality stars are already fans. But to be fair, becoming the subject of your own fake death report means you're big enough of a name to conjure genuine concern from strangers about your rumored passing. Plus, real sadness from a Kardashian! How often do we see that? Given her penchant for random capitalization, exclamation marks and blunt honesty, we eagerly await Cher's Twitter response. #NotDeadYet.