Don't get any ideas from Kim Kardashian's greased up body—she's a married lady now! And like any good working newlywed, she's forgoing an extended honeymoon to keep up with her professional commitments. Because she is the most in demand and highly anticipated pop star in all the land, we've been gifted with a teaser for her "Jam" video. David Guetta would be proud. After the requisite Kardashian branding plastered across the screen—never forget—there are many slow-mo close-ups on her most famous body parts, shot in low lighting and covered only by tiny pieces of fabric. Also, it's hard to knock her for the surplus of body oil when Beyoncé is doing the same thing. For a song that's all about getting ready to go out and dance, the video is utterly stagnant, focusing on each part of Kardashian's body that will hit the dance floor, rather than the woman herself. But of course, what did you expect? Kim doesn't like to dance in public, which should bode well for her during the impending world tour.