Kim Kardashian Wants Khloe’s Nipples Really Really Wet, OK?

So, y'all looking forward to the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians?

At Popdust, we’re so excited for all the inevitable fabricated drama, ridiculous, inane storylines and cringe inducing TMI overshares, we can hardly sleep!

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About The Kardashians Pubic Hair

Thankfully, to help whet our insatiable appetite for stupid fame whores everything Kardashian, E! has released a promo video for season 11—and you can watch it right here.

And, it’s all there!

Selfies, red carpet posing, wine slurping, more selfies, tense family dinners, private jets, private yachts, break ups, make ups, cat fights, sibling rivalry and jealousy, bikinis, paragliding, girls’ only vay-cay…. YAY!!

Kim And Khloe Kardashian Plot To Snag Kourtney Some Hot Revenge Tail

An action packed 90 seconds encompassing just another regular old 24 hours in Kardashian land.

There’s Kim micro-managing “in the best shape that she’s ever been” Khloe’s super sexy Complex magazine photo shoot, beseeching the set supervisor to, “wet the nipples…. All over..”

Kim Kardashian Eating Cheetos Confirms Apocalypse

There’s the narcissistic personalities showdown of the century as Caitlyn and Kris Jenner face off all while faking sincerity and pretending to play nice over dinner.

SIDE NOTE: You know it’s got to really sting when your ex-husband looks WAY classier and more attractive in a dress than you do.

There’s sultry, pouty Kendall looking all sultry and pouty and shit over news little sister Kylie has invited Tyga—the guy the whole family lied through their teeth about her supposedly not dating—to join them on their girls’ only vay-cay.

Once You See Khloe Kardashian’s Ass Twerking Video You Cant Un-See It

There’s Kim in that way too familiar position of flat on her back, legs akimbo, with a camera focused in on her lady parts—although this time it’s in order to conduct a scan of her second baby…. which, DRUMROLL…. we learn yielded troubling results.

“There’s more fluid in my placenta than normal, which could mean I have diabetes,” Kim informs a “shocked” Kris.

Cue momager busting out with her best concerned look, all while the money-making cogs in her brain work overtime…. “contact the Diabetes Society of America about a spokesperson deal…. research pharmaceutical companies that specialize in diabetes meds and strike a promotional deal…..”

Kim Kardashian Is Tired Of Your Fat-Shaming

There’s Khloe finalizing her divorce from Lamar…. insisting to Kris that she’s about to sign the documents.

Cue momager busting out with her best concerned look, all while the money-making cogs in her brain work overtime…. “strike deal with E Harmony…… pitch single Khloe looking for love reality TV show….”

Kim And The Rest Of Those Kardashian Brutes Have Never Looked So Good

There’s douchey Disick packing up and moving out, amongst floods of tears from everybody—even the pro-scumbag appears to manage to squeeze out some eye water from behind his sunglasses, as he wails, voice breaking with emotion, “it breaks my heart going from having all this money and camera time you guys to having no money and zero camera time nobody…

“I fucked up, I made the worst decision I could have ever made in my life,” he moans.

Cue momager attempting to cry through her lashings of Botox, all while the money-making cogs in her brain work overtime….. “perhaps consider a two-for-one package type deal…. single Scott and Khloe looking for love reality TV show….”

News Anchor Walks Off The Set As He’s So Sick Of The Kardashians—Watch!

You really couldn’t make this shit up, let alone watch it—That said, for those of you who can, and actually want to, the new season of KUWTK returns to E! November 15 at 9pm

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