Kim Kardashian's New Kitten is Named After a Kanye West Song

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The relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continues to be mutually beneficial. He'll show up at her house and choose some outfits to up her stock as purveyor of high-fashion—and thus, somewhat of an equal—and she'll continue to purchase things that reference (and likely promote) his music. After taking gift-giving inspiration from his G.O.O.D. Music lead track, "Mercy," Kim's treated herself to a fluffy white thing by the same name. Allow me to introduce Mercy, the feline:

Of course from this divisive union Yeezy also gets songwriting inspirationseduction techniques (even if they're not intended to be used on her) and the reminder to smile, because the reality cameras are always rolling.

Cruel Summer is out tomorrow, which means the baby above will probably be lapping water up from bowl at record stores across the country in a few hours—just by coincidence, of course. (She so thirsty!)

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