NSFW boardgame nabs #1 all-time spot for Kickstarter games

Kingdom Death: Monster is a dark, dark fantasy quest through literal hell.

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Warning: This article contains graphic images and content that are not safe for work.

The creator of Kingdom Death: Monster, Adam Poots, refuses to be creatively limited. And with over $9 million pledged to the latest iteration of his controversial figurine quest Kingdom Death: Monster, why should he be?

Poots' game, which is a figurine-based tabletop questing sim a la HeroQuest, draws both players and controversy through its employment of uniquely gross enemies and storylines. Take, for example, the ballsack monster known formally as "Wet Nurse."

Adam Poots Games

Describing this prolific monster-shitting creature, Poots told Polygon that many people have a misconception of the "Wet Nurse" as some sort of bizarre representation of the cycle of life and death. Rather, "the monster itself is actually infertile. It drains the milk from women, mixes its own hormones into it and nurses babies. This changes their hormones and sets them on a course of becoming 'holy landers,' the rank and file monsters of the holy lands."

The figurine above is one of many featuring scantily clad or totally naked women. Most of the female characters are absurdly well-endowed with physics defying waistlines and, of course, totally impractical clothing. That however, rather than something to shy away from in the newest 1.5 edition of the game, is something that creator hopes to embrace even further: "I can absolutely empathize with someone who finds the ballsack on a monster to be uncomfortable, but at the same time, it doesn't mean that I'm going to stop the artists — who have free rein for probably one of the first times in their creative lives [spent] working with other companies — and cut them off at the pass."

The provocative artwork and character designs aren't the only aspect of the game that manage to draw people's attention. Boss battles feature a unique "artificial intelligence" set of cards that make enemy behavior unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Much like the early days of WoW raids, it's fairly common to see the entire team wipe before clearing a stage. That, however, makes it all the more rewarding when you finally conquer each meticulously crafted chapter of the game.

If you're interested in tabletop madness with some friends who have a stomach for nasty stuff, you can get your very own copy of Kingdom Death: Monster for a whopping $250, and that's just for the core game. Expansions and companion art can run you up thousands of dollars.

Check out Kindgom Death: Monster's official Kickstarter here.

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