Remember Kitty Pryde, the maybe-teenage, maybe-college-age, definitely-Justin-Bieber-infatuated female rapper from last year's stunningly (and shockingly) good "Okay Cupid"? Well, she has returned in 2013 with "Dead Island," a new music video in which she stares at a lot of super-shimmery candelabras while rapping about how "I love NY 'cause there's so many bridges to jump off / Or backyards where you get dumped off" and referencing everything from the Cracker Barrell to Chris Crocker, all over a typically dreamy, hypnotic backing loop.

It's not quite as addictive as "Okay Cupid" or as amusing (or topical!) as "Justin Bieber," but it still demonstrates with its cleverness and undeniable likability why Kitty is an artist to keep an eye on in 2013 and forward. Hey Danny Brown, have you hit the girl up yet? She's waiting on you.

[Oh No They Didn't]