Before starting a detailed discussion about different formations in soccer, we should firstly understand what it actually means? The formation is basically the way of positioning the players on the pitch in accordance with the technique you are following, whether attacking or defensive.

A vital thing that can change the whole game is the effectiveness of one formation over the other. There is no perfect answer to the question that which is the best Soccer Formation? The coaches are trying to gain new knowledge and add some innovations in the formations. These new strategies invented by the coaches' results in the constant evolution of the sport. It is obvious that if the coach comes up with a unique formation strategy which is unknown to the opponent then his team is going to be at an enormous advantage. Another advantage that a team can get is the superior quality equipment that can never put you down during game-play. And one can get this equipment from Perfect Soccer Skills as this site has everything that a soccer player needs.

Let's look at some of the most popular formations in soccer and understand their strengths as well as weaknesses:


It is one of the oldest formations which is still in regular use. But frankly speaking, the golden age of this formation has well and truly passed. This formation is really easy to understand and implement, although it lacks complexity and more sophisticated passing as offered by other modern systems.


  • There is two dedicated strikers present which helps the midfield and defence to not to make any delay in their attempts and get the ball into an advantageous position.
  • The primary attackers can drive forward without waiting for support from midfielders.
  • Width can be created because of two wide midfielders and wide full- backs.


  • Pressure over the central midfielders to attack as well as defend continuously.
  • This formation is predictable which creates a problem.


This formation basically benefits the players who are good at passing the ball. It creates a system that prioritises intelligent movement of the ball which results in creating scoring opportunities.


  • Opponent's full- backs can be countered because of the two very advanced wide forwards.
  • The formation puts you in a dominant midfield possession because there are three players in midfield, one playing defensive and the other two playing an all- round box to box role.


  • High pressure on the central strikers to regularly keep possession of the ball in order to bring the attacking team- mates into the game.
  • Quick thinking players are needed who can quickly adapt the changing positioning and distribution.


It is another popular formation nowadays. A large number of today's top-tier clubs are following it. Let's take a look at its quality and criticism points:


  • Unlike passing in a straight line, the formation promotes passing the ball through triangle which proves more effective in breaking down opponents.
  • The midfield can't be dodged easily as there is a great flexibility when it comes to advanced players trying to drop into deep wide as well as central areas.
  • There are a number of players who are ready to pass the ball forward which gives a lot of chances to the strikers to score a goal.


  • To create confusion and misdirection in the defence part, the peers usually start attacking from a very deep position. This creates pressure on the attacking players to move quickly from one end of the pitch to the other preventing the opponent's midfielders and full- backs from taking away the ball through the gaps

The above- discussed Soccer Formations can be made successful with proper strategy and hard work. But for playing effectively one needs a proper training kit and other equipment which can be easily availed from Perfect Soccer Skills.