You've probably read some unsavory Justin Bieber-related this year—one or two on our website—and noticed a common name among them: Lil Twist. This might have caused you some confusion, since unlike most of Bieber's previous oft-reported hangout buddies—Usher, Jaden Smith, Chris Brown—Lil Twist is not a particularly famous person just yet. Still, there are things to know about Lil Twist, and we're going to tell you them, so when you hear in two weeks that Lil Twist and Justin Bieber were caught attempting to steal some sort of rare jewel from a French museum while drunk on Jager, you'll at least have a good mental image to put with the imminent mugshot. Here goes.

LIL TWIST Is Signed to Young Money Records

Chances are, if you were familiar with the name Lil Twist pre-Bieber, it's because you remember seeing it on a list of names, probably somewhere between Cory Gunz and Gudda Gudda. That's because Twist is part of the Young Money label, also home to Nicki Minaj, Drake, and co-founder Lil Wayne, who signed him after Twist opened a show for him in Dallas. "Me and Wayne, we're like brothers," Twist told MTV of the label head. "He really took me in. He taught me how to do everything, he taught me the music business...We got a strong brother bond."

LIL TWIST's Wikipedia Page Still Has a Ways to Go

Gotta start somewhere, I guess.

LIL TWIST Is the Best Teen Rapper Alive

At least if you believe his 2009 mixtape, B.T.R.A., standing for the above. Twist will only be eligible for the honors for a couple more days, however, as he turns 20 on January 11th.

LIL TWIST's Most Popular Video on YouTube is "Love Affair" with Lil Wayne

In which Twist is plagued by hot chicks who desperately want him to stray from his girlfriend, which he maybe does but then maybe just goes back to her at the end (with fireworks!) "Who the actual fuck is this little bobble headed peanut" and "wtf so much autotune" are the video's two most popular comments.

LIL TWIST and Justin Bieber Have Been Bros for Ages

"Me and Justin are like best friends," Twist told MTV back in 2010. “We used to write raps together," he revealed to HollywoodLife last year. "When he first heard me he thought I was a good rapper and he reached out to me. Justin definitely got some of his swagger from me.” A likely story, though the two were set to release a collaborative single back in summer 2011, "Wherever You Are." The song has yet to be officially released.

LIL TWIST Has Yet to Release an Album

The punnily titled Don't Get It Twisted was also scheduled for a 2011 release, but has yet to see daylight. Currently, the album (possibly just an EP) is scheduled for a Spring '13 release, and will, according to Twist, include features from stars like Drake, Weezy, Chris Brown, and, indeed, Justin Bieber. "Don't Get It Twisted is a masterpiece. I mean that from the bottom of my heart," says Twist of his upcoming debut. "I've scratched older records, added records, and put more features on there. The whole thing is that when I come out with my first work of art...I don't want it to be talked about for the wrong reasons. I want it to be in the talks for, 'Damn this kid just killed it.'"

LIL TWIST Looks Like This:

Lil Twist And Justin Bieber

There you go. Consider your enemy known, overprotective Beliebers.