Those easily susceptible to the travel bug or men with cute accents might want to think twice before watching "One Thing" video from One Direction, the British-Irish quintet not to be confused with The Wanted. While the latter sent Ellen audience members into a tizzy earlier this week with the announcement that they'd like to go out partying with all the beautiful American women—and thus, destroy their work ethic and put an end to their futures, An Education-style—these nice U.K. gents just want to put on a free concert for their lucky fans. Once again, the British invasion is upon us! Wearing finely tailored suits, the boys take their television-honed schtick to the streets of London, riding bikes around tourist attractions and performing live in Trafalgar Square, trying their best to escape their dedicated Twitter followers unharmed.

With just over three minutes of glistening buildings and funny looking cars, the visuals make it hard to resist booking a flight to London—until you realize it is raining 85% of the time. If you were unfamiliar with these third-place finishers from the X Factor UK, allow the collection of screaming, crying fans who try and race their speeding double decker to stand as proof of their popularity across the pond. Watch below.