Can you believe this will be our first ever holiday season with Rebecca Black in our lives? Kohl's certainly plans on taking advantage of this, using a parody of her signature jam "Friday" as part of their Black Friday sales push—because, of course, you can't say "Black Friday" without saying "Friday, Friday / Gotta get down on Friday." Kohl's subtly changes the chorus to "Gotta go to Kohl's on Black Friday" (too many syllables, guys), and makes the verses about waiting out line outside the store at midnight. (No "which ____ can I take?" deliberating—wasted opportunity, but a half-minute isn't an ideal amount of time for pitch-perfect satire.)

It's odd that Kohl's would use an essentially jokey song as part of a promotional campaign, but the ad also tries to poke fun at both the song's and their own riduclousness, with lyrics like "Black Friday, Black Friday / Something that rhymes with Friday" and the closing "Can't get this darn song out of my head." Cute, but sort of a half-year too late for maximal effect. Also, quit it with the bug eyes, bug-eyed lady.