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Premiere: Korbee Go Full-Throttle Acoustic With 'Hey Child'

The folk-pop duo unlatch a rich story of never growing up. "It's the Peter Pan syndrome," bandmate Tom Korbee says.

Folk-pop duo Korbee have concocted a world as expansive as it is intimate, as emotionally involuntary as it is precisely crafted. Their immovable poetic nature is unfussy and very Mark Twain in its modesty but intense and heartfelt. Their single "Hey Child," which the duo (Tom and Jenn Korbee) dropped this summer, gets an acoustic strip-down--the new version is premiering exclusively today, and you won't want to miss this special moment. The track officially drops everywhere this Friday (Dec. 9).

Korbee have been working extensively with Grammy-winning producer David Garcia (know for his work with Tori Kelly, Mandisa and TobyMac) and executive producer Mark Endert (who has teamd up with everyone from Rihanna and Madonna to The Fray and Sara Bareilles). The pair are currently putting together their long-awaited debut studio album, tentatively expected next year.

"We come from a very grounded and earthy place when we write. We really enjoy taking something to a very, very drastic place and then relating it to real life," Jenn told Popdust earlier this year of the new studio album. "It helps tell a story in a way that has high stakes. The tribal method, that feeling of being a fighter, is something being an artist in any realm has to tap into and is very apparent at the moment for us. We're writing from that place."

On their ability to tell highly poetic stories, Tom shared: "Especially in pop music, there are only so many chords you can write. Like they say, 'every song has already been written.' You have to find a new way to say something. That's a challenge we're working on right now. Finding a poetic way to do it but is relatable and also rolls off the tongue well and paints a picture is something we enjoy about our writing. We write like we are watching a movie. It's not just a song; it's a whole world. We come up with a story and see the characters. That happens pretty much for every song."

On the new track, "Hey Child," Tom said the song is "all about those summer nights when you're a kid and you're out having fun and not worrying about anything. The chorus says 'hey child, stay wild and never get old.' It's an anthem for not letting yourself grow up. It's the Peter Pan syndrome."

"Hey Child" follows 2013's impressiveGreat Escape EP.

Listen below:


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