Korean Star Kim Soo-Hyun Earns $90 Million Just From Commercials And Appearances

Robert Downey Jr. made headlines earlier this year after Forbes named him Hollywood's highest-paid actor, but at $75 million, the Avengers star still isn't making the kind of dough that Asia's biggest name does.

According to reports, Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun has made approximately $81 million this year, although he isn't making it for his movie roles.

Like most Asian actors, Soo-hyun earns most of his cash from endorsement deals and commercials.

The 26-year-old has been a big star in Korea for years, but he crossed over into the lucrative Chinese market earlier this year when his drama series, You Who Came From The Stars, became a sensation in the country and one of the biggest TV shows of the past decade in Asia.

Soo-hyun filmed approximately 30 commercials this year in both China and South Korea at between $800,000-$1.87 million apiece. He also picked up about $6 million for a fan-tour, and was getting paid up to $500,000 for a single appearance on Chinese variety shows. At one point his time was even being measured by the second, with the actor receiving $160,000 for a 90-second appearance at a car show in Beijing.

Reports vary on Soo-hyun's total income, but some media outlets claim he's made about $90 million all up this year (I assume that's gross income before all his managers, agents, handlers and other expenses are paid).

Whether or not that number's been exaggerated remains to be seen, but one thing's clear: Kim Soo-hyun is making big bucks!

The same thing could happen to a lucky Hollywood actor next year, as ABC is currently in the process of developing an American remake of You Who Came From The Stars.

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