How did it take two albums, an EP and one book for Ke$ha to finally record a song called "Crazy Kids"? You'd think that would be the first track Dr. Luke handed her, the day he rescued young Kesha Rose Sebert from the grungy dives of the Sunset Strip and ushered her into pop superstardom. "Crazy kids / Dancin' like rock stars / Jumpin' in and out of cars / We'll never be apart / Because we're crazy kids"—the song practically writes itself.

This weekend Ke$ha (or, more accurately, some anonymous leaker) unveiled the actual "Crazy Kids," and no surprise, its lyrics are a tribute to Ke$ha's wild-child gang of misfits. "Tonight we do it big / We shine like stars / We don't give a f--- / 'Cause that's just who we are." Much better than the words we made up in the previous paragraph!

The leaked audio, with endearing misspelled lyrics, is below:

Also unveiled to the world this weekend was Ke$ha's ghost-sex anthem, "Supernatural." Like her homegirl Taylor Swift, the Dollar Sign isn't saying explicitly which ghost suitor she's singing about—will Warrior's liner notes offer any hints? Listen to it now, before the natural and spiritual worlds both file a DMCA complaint: