After gaining buzz thanks to her catchy-quirky "Gucci Gucci" video, Oakland rapper Kreayshawn has signed a deal with Columbia Records. (Guess it's time we take her seriously?) While the deal has been rumored to be worth $1 million, the friend to Lil B and Odd Future isn't worried about selling out and sounds committed to making her "I don't give a shit" tracks that we can't help find ourselves nodding along to. “I’m excited to work with my new Columbia family. They understand my vision and are going to let me continue everything I’ve been doing. My hope is to inspire others to be young, wild, and free,” she said in a press release. Awesome news for those who like provocative lady rap and the reclaiming of Disney characters by adults. We've already expressed our feelings for the label-hating rapper, but consider this validation if you're one of the two million who've watched "Gucci Gucci" on YouTube. You may now proceed to pump it without headphones or judgment.

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