Kreayshawn Gets Around To Giving Her First Album A Title

An update for all those who think Kreayshawn hit her peak in 2011: The Bay Area rapper still has plans for a debut album, a result of that $1 million record deal she landed this summer after "Gucci Gucci" became the Internet's punching bag—or occasional closeted jam—in May. Don't forget that before Lana Del Rey, Kreayshawn was the artist many were most confused and exasperated about. While lately she's been consumed with eying her next Twitter feud, revealing the name of her upcoming creation leaves hope for those looking to proudly wave their Kreay flags and wear Minnie Mouse ears in public. From the Oakland rapper's Twitter Tuesday night:

And that's all we know. Be sure to follow her musings for a continuous list of all the reasons why there's #SomethinBoutKreay—not to be confused with the long-awaited sequel to the Cameron Diaz/Farrelly brothers film—and, y'know, restaurant reviews and thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.


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