Despite the growing realization that the entire music world (and everyone else for that matter) is just one Scooter Braun away from each other, Kris Allen paid tribute to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys the old fashioned way: via YouTube cover. Allen unleashed his own version of "God Only Knows" yesterday, done with the quirky charm of a ukulele that makes the California sons' tune even more California-y. Seated between two friends, he plucks his way through the classic with ease, closing his eyes and curling his lips when most appropriate. His two friends might be skilled in swaying, but Allen is one of the best at smiling while he's singing.

It's enjoyable enough that we hardly notice the ripe watermelon to his left. Is his mom going to cut that into slices after the boys finish up band practice? Wilson's 70th birthday was last week, but it's the thought that counts, right? Plus, Allen was a little busy playing cinematographer during a recent adventure trip. Would you rather listen to Mr. Wilson's rap track again? Yes, yes! Oh, God, yes. The answer to this question is always: "yes."