In between hosting Kidz Bop competitions and ticking off dubstep fans (both of these things happened—see here and here for further proof) Kris Allen still finds the time to perform at fundraising events, allowing his presence to assure fans that that long-awaited album is "coming." Like soon. Allen attended The Trevor Project's "Trevor Live" event on Sunday in Hollywood, performing John Lennon's "Imagine" for the room. RCA's Joe Riccitelli told radio host Toby Knapp that fans can expect a new single from the American Idol winner by early next year. That's not so far away! "He's cutting now, looking for [a] single [in the] first quarter," Riccitell said on Monday. "I love me some Kris." We know he's not the only one, but if a month-plus is too much of a wait, enjoy the lovely sounds of Allen singing someone else's (very famous) words, below.