Kylie Jenner's Eye-Popping Coachella Outfit Can Be Yours For $119!

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Kylie Jenner had all eyes on her at Coachella, in a two piece sequined outfit that raised the bar for the usually style-hindered reality TV star and lipstick entrepreneur.

Worn with long rainbow colored French braids, the playfully surrealist outfit is a total showstopper. Designed by by the Australian brand Di$count Universe, whose other celebrity fans include Rihanna , Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus,  the arty bra and undies can be worn together or with other separates, at a pool party or club-hopping, or just sitting around taking selfie after selfie, if you're anything like Kylie.

Maybe her gig designing clothes with sister Kendall has encouraged Kylie to branch out from the usual Kardashian style of overpriced skintight hookerwear in neutral colors. Whatever inspired her to discover this unique cult brand, we can all be grateful.

Kylie's outfit is available for pre-order NOW on Di$count's website. Each of the two pieces is only $119, an amazingly affordable price for such distinctive cutting edge style.

While you're on the website, you'll find plenty of other dazzling, colorful pieces that can fit most of our budgets.

The most expensive piece is still under $900, for a hand-studded leather jacket or limited edition sequined bomber jacket.

Since you're nothing if not fashion-literate, you can appreciate the references to Schiaparelli and Dali in Di$count's aesthetic.

But, if you're just a philistine like Kylie, you can love these pieces simply for their ooh-factor.

Check out the bomber jacket, below.




On another fashion note, Kylie also posed for a billion selfies on Day 2 of Coachella, wearing what appears to be a fake Louis Vuitton swimsuit with matching headscarf.

The swimsuit looks so poorly made and let's just face it, ghetto, that it's probably not even meant to pass as real.

Since Louis Vuitton is very protective of its logo, except the pix to disappear shortly.

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