Kylie Minogue Is Working On An 'Uncommercial' EP With Fernando Garibay

Kylie Minogue's last album Kiss Me Once tanked on the charts and received mixed reviews from critics, but the pop princess isn't letting it get her down.

Instead of taking her usual three-or-four-year break between records, the 46-year-old is already back in the studio working with Fernando Garibay --with a little help from Italian producer Giorgio Moroder-- on a brand new EP.

“She is doing another EP with our friend Fernando who did most of Gaga’s Born This Way," Moroder revealed. "There’s four tracks that are very sexy and very uncommercial – beautiful new sounds.”

He added, “She asked me if I could do a little talk in Italian on her music. She wanted it really sexy, like a Latin lover – heavy breathing. I think she was quite happy. She told me: 'I should have worked with you 10 years ago.'"

Last year, a few months after the release of Kiss Me Once, Kylie dropped four incredible Garibay-produced tracks online through her Soundcloud account. They were incredible and exactly the kind of thing that Ms. Minogue should be doing at this point in her career, so it's exciting to know that she's got another EP with Garibay on the way.

Kylie's also featured on Moroder's fantastic new single Right Here Right Now, which serves as the lead offering from his upcoming album, 74 is the New 24.

From this point on, we're calling 2015 the year of the #KylieKomeback!

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