Kylie Minogue Puckers Up On 'Kiss Me Once' Album Cover

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Kylie Minogue is back!

Fresh from the premature leak of her new single, "Into The Blue," the global pop icon has just unveiled the cover art for her upcoming twelfth studio album, Kiss Me Once.

The glossy cover, which sees Kylie puckering up behind wet glass, has an '80s and '90s aesthetic to it, as if Kylie's knowingly taking a nod back at her early career. It certainly matches up with "Into The Blue," which sounds like it was created for her core fanbase and nobody else.

Since Kylie's under Roc Nation now, we're still holding out hope that she's got some more current and cutting edge tunes under her belt. She's still relevant enough to do so instead of transitioning into Cher territory and making music strictly for the gays and Popjustice crowd.

[Via Metro]

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