Kylie Minogue Sexes Up French TV With 'Sexercize' and 'Les Sex'

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Kylie Minogue's new album contains no less than three songs with 'sex' in the title, and she just performed two of them of France's Le Grand Journal.

Kylie served up her new single "Sexercize," although the performance lacked the red-hot heat of the music video. It was more fun and cute than actually sexy, with Kylie skipping around the stage to touch hands with fans before returning to her mic stand to wriggle around. It's the kind of song that you wanna see performed live with Kylie wheeled out on a pommel horse wearing a leotard and flanked by half-naked backup dancers, so it didn't really work in this conservative setting.

However, Kylie's "Les Sex" performance was much stronger, with the song's tongue-in-cheek style matching Kylie's fun 'n' flirty persona. It may be the worst track on her new album, but "Les Sex" is a real treat to see live.

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