Yes, Mother's Day may have come and gone, but pop stars don't work on the same schedule as you and I, obviously. So Lady Antebellum may be a couple days late with their collective present for all the Mama Antebellums out there, but then again, it's not much of a present anyway. "Mother Mother," the band's parody of Jerrod Niemann's country chart-topping "Lover, Lover" (itself a cover of Sonia Dada's "You Don't Treat Me No Good"), is not a salute to all the wondrous and wonderful things that Mrs. A has done for the band over the years, but rather a lamenting of the fact that she doesn't pander her little ones the way she used to. (Main lyrical hook: "Mother, mother / You don't bring me no treats no more.")

It's fun, and it might be good for a larf around the Thanksgiving dinner table, but guys, really—three days late to the party and all you can manage is this cute-cute request for grilled cheese squares and chocolate milk? We'd hope your mothers taught you better than that.