Four piano notes and a whole lot of reverb brought country stars Lady Antebellum to the masses about a year and a half ago, as their fantastic drunk-dial of a love ballad "Need You Now" crossed them over from Nashville to the pop world. A #2 peak on the Hot 100 and a whole lot of awards later—Grammys, ACMs, CMTs, even a Teen Choice Award—"Need You Now" has now added perhaps the most impressive notch on its belt yet, as yesterday it became the most downloaded country song in history. The tune passed Taylor Swift's 2008 smash "Love Story" for top honors, which has sold upwards of 4.9 million copies to date.

We're thrilled for Lady Antebellum and their signature single, easily one of the best hits from any genre over the past few years, and a fine callback to the nocturnal, bass-and-piano-led Eagles or Fleetwood Mac ballads of the late 70s. Still, we're hoping that their coup causes a little friendly competition in the country community, and that Taylor strikes back with her next single—or better yet, some new true-blue country contender out there rises up to give "Need You Now" a run for its money. Blake and Miranda, we're looking in your general direction. (After the wedding, of course.)