Coldplay, Jessie J and LMFAO might not have seemed like amazing firepower when they were announced for MTV's Europe Music Awards, but considering the ceremony's airing Nov. 6, you knew there was still time for a big announcement. Lady Gaga qualifies as a big announcement. She'll perform at the Selena Gomez-hosted ceremony, as will Bruno Mars. Neither of these are really surprising picks, of course, both for being stars and for racking up nominations--Gaga has six, Mars has two. They're official now, so you can put a few more pins into your big board of EMA nominations and snubs. (Because you do that, right? No. Nobody does that.)

Is this where we should put some kind of joke about Bruno bringing out Lady Gaga for "It Will Rain" and have her turn into an actual vampire, or Bruno Mars doing some kind of Jo Calderone impression that actually might be sorta easy for him? Maybe.