Lady Gaga And Little Monsters Say Get Well Clarence

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Little Monsters have put their paws up in support of the Big Man. Following news that E Street Band saxophonist (and collaborator on Lady Gaga's Born This Way album) had suffered a stroke, fans have helped Mother Monster created a heartfelt tribute video wishing him well. Gaga recorded her introduction in Paris after performing on The X Factor, continuing her public support of Clemons—she's promoted #WeLoveClarence on Twitter—in wake of the news. "Everything that you've done for me and this album means the world to us. We wanted to wish you a get well soon and a big hug from the whole world," Gaga says. Similarly to her Google Chrome ad, the video features Little Monsters from all over the world sharing their love for Clemons through a few sentences of support, handmade cards and even the reworking of Gaga songs  ("Baby you were born this way," becomes "Clarence get better today," and so on). "We will not let you hang on the edge of glory alone," one fan announces. Check it out below: