Lady Gaga Brings The House Down With Hilariously Amazing X Factor Performance

Lady Gaga --also now known as Aphrodite Lady Seashell Bikini-- slayed the X Factor stage last night with one of her typically over-the-top performances on the British version of the popular talent show.

Mother Monster opened with an acapella version of her latest ARTPOP track, "Venus." Dressed as the Roman goddess of the same name, Gaga wailed away and strummed an acoustic guitar that made no sound while surrounded by scantily-clad servants. Once the electro beat of the song kicked in, Gaga swanned her way over to center stage and danced in flesh-coloured underwear with paper seashells stuck on her breasts. She then tore off the seashells and snatched her own wig before launching into an aggressive rendition of "Do What U Want." Rather than take the sexy approach to the R. Kelly-assisted single, Gaga flipped the script and grunted and thrashed her way through the performance, making sure to put most of the emphasis on her powerful vocals and curvy body. Just like her recent Twitter rants, it seemed like she was unsubtly hitting back at those who've criticized her appearance in the past.

The double performance was met with a Standing O from the entire judges panel, including Sharon Osbourne, who buried the hatchet on her feud with Gaga when Mother Monster pranced over to give her a hug.


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