Stop stressing over how many times you wear that one pair of jeans in a week: Lady Gaga has officially made it acceptable to recycle outfits. Sort of. Gaga revisited the Cruella de Vil lookbook she was sporting earlier this summer for her performance on The View Monday morning, requesting that everything within 12 inches of her be upholstered in the signature black and white pattern. Clad in a houndstooth dress suit and hat, sitting before a houndstooth piano with stray houndstooth patches on her forehead—which probably hurt a lot less than assembling those protruding facial bones—to perform rumored-expected-inevitable next single "You And I" after holding court as guest host with the ladies and covering everything from Amy Winehouse, Clarence Clemons, her past drug use and the recent gay marriage victory in New York. We were desperately hoping for Elisabeth Hasselbeck to chastise her on the use of "monsters" in reference to her fans—we're guessing Hasselbeck's hypothetical argument would be that the word "monster" glamorizes alternative lifestyles and stunts aspirations to be Homecoming Queen in exchange for something, like, ugly and stuff. Instead, Gaga spoke passionately before delivering another great acoustic performance once again showcasing her true talent underneath all the crazy shit. God, she's getting so predictable.