In the wake of the bullying-related suicide of 14-year-old Jamie Rodemeyer, Lady Gaga has publicly upped her anti-bullying efforts, including promising to meet with President Obamato discuss the issue. Most recently, she filmed a message for Emily-Anne Rigal of, a site devoted to "raising teen esteem." "Building teen esteem is one of the most important things that we young people should focus on right now," said a sea-green-looking Gaga. "In light of Jamie Rodenmeyer's death, I encourage everyone all over the world to come visit [] and learn about how we can combat bullying and the obstacles that young people experience every day."

Gaga finished the video by offering her personal support to the website and movement. "I am here to fight with you," she testified. "I love you all so very much, and Emily-Anne, I wish there were more in the world like you, dolly."


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