Lady Gaga Has Gone and Leaked "Applause" Herself

Here at Popdust, we have a certain number of codes we think pop stars should live their lives by. Perhaps the most important is this: If you can't beat the leakers, join them.

Lady Gaga learned that lesson this weekend, when leakers somehow got ahold of 12 seconds of her long-awaited comeback single, "Applause." (Related: How do hackers only get 12 seconds of a song?) Rather than suffer through additional indignities, Gaga did the classy thing: Leak the song herself, to iHeartRadio!

The full song is better than the 12-second snippet, in the way that most songs are improved by adding the final 94% of them. Other than that, the song defies description. The hook is great. The bridge is seconds away from turning into "La Vie Boheme." The verses name-drop Jeff Koons, we think? Basically, we're happy that it's not whatever "Aura" was. Listen to "Applause" below:

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