Lady Gaga Hates The "Telephone" Video, Values Self-Editing Now

Let's flash back to Lady Gaga prehistory! Specifically, the "Telephone" video. You remember that video, right? The one built up to be the best, most epic video of all time, even though it ended up being a Thelma and Louise / Chicago / Canned Heat mashup with more product placement and inexplicable sandwich captions. This one:

Don't hate on our criticisms--Lady Gaga agrees! As she told Time Out London, she hates the "Telephone" video so much she can't even watch it. (The mark of a true perfectionist.) It's OK, Beyonce fans--Gaga specifically said it wasn't Bey's fault. She's either being sincere or being polite, obviously, but that's not our call to make.

And hi there, Popjustice forumites who bashed the "Alejandro" video: Gaga specifically called you out! That's her favorite video. Yes, more than "Bad Romance," which Gaga didn't even mention in these excerpts! Can more than 381 million page-viewers--many of them repeat watchers or Bieber battlers, but still--be so misguided in their choice of page to auto-refresh?

But Gaga's using a rubric. "Alejandro," to Lady Gaga, was straightforward in its imagery (sure, why not); "Telephone," less so. Apparently her internal filter--yes, Lady Gaga has a creative mode other than vomiting her mind--wasn't working throughout that whole event-video saga:

"There are so many ideas in that video, and all I see in that video is my brain throbbing with ideas, and I wish I had edited myself a little bit."

Remember this quote. Specifically, the part where she wishes she edited herself a little bit. Because let's think about the timeline here. "Telephone" was only last year! While that's way more than enough time for regrets to build up, it's still a bit soon for a pop star to publicly denounce her work.

What does this suggest? We should be due for the "Born This Way" and "Judas" musical over-accessorization regrets sometime in 2012. We called it first. And now you'll have a fun ironic quote when it happens!

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