Because such outrageous wardrobe choices should no longer come at the hand of anyone else but Mother Monster, Lady Gaga and younger sister Natali are in talks to create their own fashion line. Finally, incubation chambers for everyone! According to Grazia, the potential line will look to the past for inspiration, rather than try to completely replicate the unusual and innovative pieces Gaga and her Haus have become known for, borrowing from style icons like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Katherine Hepburn. But they'll be taking liberty with their fabric choices. "The glamorous styles will each come with a twist—like the white Marylin dress made up in kinky rubber," says the mag's source.

Pardon us for the eye roll, but why is it that whenever pop stars show an ounce of talent in one arena (read: music) they are suddenly viewed capable of launching separate careers in entirely different ones—fast food, perfume, wine—with little to no prior experience. Gaga is a singer-songwriter who's never spent a day in a newsroom, but let's give her her own column in V! Little Germanotta—or "Baby Gaga"— is now experiencing the same unconditional support, thanks largely to her lucky genes. She may only be a 19-year-old freshman at Parsons, but being Gaga's sister, she's probably brilliant enough to design for the upcoming off-Broadway show Simon Says, right? So much for your standard semester-long internship fetching coffee for stressed out designers. Perhaps the strangest tidbit of all is that the sisters are pitching their line with the description that its clothes are "relatively normal and wearable." Who wants that? Sorry, but if we're in the market for leggings from a pair of famous sisters, we hit up the Olsen twins.