While Lady Gaga attempts to present herself as a normal girl—just like one of her Little Monsters—investigative journalist Ian Halperin would like us to believe there are hidden truths underneath her many colorful costumes and protruding facial bones. The celebrity biographer, known for writing tomes on Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brangelina and Michael Jackson, is making salacious claims about Mother Monster, and succeeding in getting many an eye-catching headline in the process. In a recent interview with Star, Halperin divulged tidbits of information he obtained while chronicling the moves of Gaga for over one year. The most scandalous include: severe body image issues and copious drug use. Of the former, he says: "She is sick and obsessed with her weight. One friend told me, Gaga will stare at herself in the mirror for hours on end, analysing and critiquing her body. It's an unhealthy obsession." In regards to drugs, Gaga has been open about her experiences with cocaine in numerous interviews, explaining pre-stardom days were often spent with a bag of the white stuff, which fueled much of her songwriting. (Not that that's an endorsement, kids.) Yet Halperin attempts to reveal more serious issues underneath everything we think we know about her. "From heroin to cocaine and ecstasy, her friends say that she has done every drug conceivable. You name it she has done it," he says, noting that her experiment with drugs began at a young age.

Then there are the seemingly unnecessary assertions about her physical health. She's not the president (yet), and while we would be devastated to learn of any health problems, we're not really obligated to know simply because we are fans. But according to Halperin, the 25-year-old suffers from Lupus, an autoimmune disease, and the eccentric wardrobe she wears—namely costumes consisting of yards upon yards of fabric—doubly works to cover up the ugly scars and rashes it has left her with. Gaga addressed the illness on Larry King Live last year, explaining it runs in her family and that she had tested "borderline positive." Does Halperin believe we should sit in on her doctor appointments, too?

Gaga's alleged honesty is appreciated, particularly within a culture of celebrities who are all too quick to present themselves in a way worthy of parental approval, while the paparazzi work tirelessly to catch them in the exact opposite light. It seems too much of a cliche for a star arguably at the top of her game to be hiding 300-pages worth of secrets (but it's happened!). Gaga would also hardly be the first notable figure (or person) to struggle with body image issues, but any truth to her going "days without eating" or hating her body would make her prominent "Born This Way" mantra look utterly transparent. Of course, Halperin is also the sort of sleazy celebrity biographer who releases "unauthorized" accounts of the most in-demand stars, so, take from this what you will.