New York Fashion Week may be over, but fashion month's just begun. The industry has moved its attention from the US to London, where London Fashion Week is now in full swing. And dwarfing all NYFW pop star sightings, none other than Lady Gaga showed up to surprise guests at one of the London shows.

Hot off a few appearances for the launch of her fragrance, Fame, Gaga was the first model out on the runway at milliner Philip Treacy's show. She chose a sheer pink shroud, crystal-embellished leggings and platform ankle boots for her grand entrance, declared the designer "the greatest milliner of all time," then changed into a no-less bonkers Treacy creation resembling a motocross helmet made of flowers to watch the rest of the show. As gossip rags noted, the pop star's love for the designer is so deep that she sat on the floor the entire time because the front row seats were full.

Gaga's no fair-weather fan; she's sported the Irishman's attention-grabbing creations to many appearances and award shows. Some of her most notable outfits, like the sparkly, lobster-shaped accessory she showcased in London two years ago, the futuristic silver design she picked for the Grammys in 2010 and the hat that resembled a bird's nest made of feathers she selected for the VMAs the previous year come courtesy of Treacy.

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