In case potential buyers need some convincing on whether or not to add Lady Gaga's upcoming photography book Lady Gaga X Terry Richardsonout November 22—to their holiday shopping list, Mother Monster makes a case for her visually stimulating tome by revealing the introduction "Terry & Me," in a new video. Gaga recites her heartfelt words about the controversial artist Terry Richardson, whom she applauds for having the ability to find beauty in the mundane as well as sharing her way of making those around him feel uneasy ("To say that he or I make people uncomfortable is spot-on"). Gaga also provides a sneak peek at a few of the images, taken by Richardson over a 10-month period last year. Boundaries were apparently scant, as she describes Richardson sneaking in late-night photo shoots from her own bed, and helping her discover that "apology is an injustice to any performance"—and here we thought Stefani was born with that understanding. Most importantly, though, is Gaga's dedication of the text to all her Little Monsters out there. What more of a reason do you need than that? Watch below.