Let's all try to decide who Lady Gaga is emulating for this grayscale/blacktop cover art for her Born This Way remix album. The Weeknd, who's one of the names on the tracklisting you're about to look at? Terry Richardson, if he pried his eyes away from his beloved white background but not from the parted lip/spread-leg schtick he didn't invent?

Also, in things only slightly more substantial than JPEGs, a tracklisting! Some of these we've heard before, like the Wild Beasts screwery of "You and I", and others we've heard of before, like those by serial chiller The Weeknd (plus his cohort Illangelo) and serial success story Foster the People. Props for "Bloody Mary," "Electric Chapel" and "Scheisse"'s inclusion; bonus-track props for "Black Jesus"' inclusion.

There's also going to be a whole burst of bonus box-setty material, but we told you that part already. So, uh, keep looking forward to that too.

1. “Born This Way (Zedd Remix)”

2. “Judas (Goldfrapp Remix)”

3. “The Edge of Glory (Foster the People Remix)”

4. “Yoü And I (Wild Beasts Remix)”

5. “Marry the Night (The Weeknd & Illangelo Remix)”

6. “Black Jesus (Michael Woods Remix)”

7. “Bloody Mary (The Horrors Remix)”

8. “Scheiße (Guena LG Remix)”

9. “Americano (Gregori Klosman Remix)”

10. “Electric Chapel (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)”

11. “Yoü And I – (Metronomy Remix)”

12. “Judas (Hurts Remix)”

13. “Born This Way (Twin Shadow Remix)”

14. “The Edge of Glory (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)”