Lady Gaga and a random assortment of celebrities, and "celebrities," including Jersey Shore's own DJ Pauly D, are coming together in a new series of videos encouraging people to pay tribute to the attacks of September 11. While the overarching theme of the non-profit9/11 Day's "I Will" campaign seeks to inspire viewers to pledge their own tribute acts, native New Yorkers Gaga, Fran Drescher and Nas are retelling their own experiences in the latest video installment. Gaga, who was a student at Manhattan's Convent of the Sacred Heart on Manhattan's Upper East Side at the time of the attacks, recounts watching the second World Trade Center tower fall with her classmates. With Sunday's 10th anniversary approaching, expect many more pop star accounts to surface in the coming days. Because a tribute is not a true tribute until Justin Bieber shares his prepubescent memories.