In celebration of her newest creation, and perhaps to conjure up even more excitement for her VMA performance, Lady Gaga has posted a new video to her YouTube channel revealing a personalized list of her favorite pop music videos. Shot from the comfort of her own bathtub, Gaga continues her mermaid fetish by channeling Madison in Splash when describing the assortment of clips close to her heart, which are as wildly diverse as her pop culture influences have proven to be. We're not entirely sure if it was a preplanned decision to gift us with this insight or simply her needing a brief respite after all the work it likely took to put on those shoes. We're pleased to hear the inclusion of Wilson Phillips classic "Hold On," which ruled long before it got a boost from this summer's Bridesmaids cameo, as well as the mid-'90s jam "Waterfalls" by TLC. See how much your list has in common with Mother Monster's below.